Tires – Lawn & Garden

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We carry lawn & garden tires!

At Monroe Tire & Service, we stock tires for your lawn and garden equipment. Whether you’re caring for a personal property or commercial property, you’ll find tires built for the job. We have a wide inventory that makes it easy to find a tire that matches your needs in one stop. We’re proud to be a local lawn and garden tire dealer serving Shelby, NC, Kings Mountain, NC, Cherryville, NC, and surrounding areas.
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Why choose our lawn & garden tires?

We carry premium lawn and garden tires, including:
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  • Lawn Tractor Tires
  • Riding Mower Tires
  • Wheelbarrow Tires
  • Utility Tires
  • Garden Tractor Tires
  • Handcart Tires
  • Specialty Equipment Tires

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Finding the best replacement tires for lawnmowers and more

If you find yourself repeatedly suffering from flat tires, switching to a different tread design or a heavier ply rating is probably the quickest fix. However, tire tubes may be another option for some lawn tires. In most cases, we can find a smaller or larger tire if you need to change tire sizes on your lawn mower or garden vehicle. Most lawn mowers and tractors have a range of tire sizes available. Our tire professionals can help you pick and choose which type of tread would be best for your specific lawn mower.

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Whether you need a solid tire or an inflated tire for your riding mower or push mower, we have the tires for you! With our extensive inventory and experience with tractor tires and lawn mower tires, we will find the right tire for any of your lawn and garden needs. If we don’t already have your tires in stock, we can locate the right ones to help you continue your lawn and garden work.
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