Many routine services we CAN and WILL price over the phone!

But with the sophistication of today's vehicle, too many misdiagnosed concerns get a price and a part thrown at them.  Whoops, that didn't fix it, maybe we should try... anyway, you get the point.  Quite honestly, this method is VERY expensive.  We have a much more efficient way of helping you solve vehicle issues!

Our process is simple and transparent... we ask that you schedule an hour of DISCOVERY.  Much like going to the doctor, we need to ask questions, in some cases test drive, in some cases connect to computers.  Sometimes it is simple and quick... other times not so much.  Depending on the level of difficulty, the discovery appointment varies in price from $50-$175.  This provides you with a course of action and a written estimate for the next steps with a solution.  We can't make it any easier!

I hear what you are thinking... why do I have to pay a fee to figure out my issue?  Our motivation is to help solve a problem, not sell you a part that may or may not be the solution.  To that end, we require many resources that also have cost.... such as a highly experienced technician who is supported by a team of service professionals and online fee-based resources.  Make sense?

Once the Discovery has provided our team direction, the solution is then backed by a 3 yr/36,000 mile warranty!  Relax.. we can help!